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How to compose engaging questions

Since day one, Bang the Table has been most closely associated with using online forums for community engagement. While things have changed over the years with the introduction of a suite of new community feedback mechanisms in to EngagementHQ, there is no doubt that our forums are still one of the more popular engagement tools because of their ability to encourage community debate and dialogue about complex issues.

Identifying the “right” question or questions that you want the community to address is a critical issue for community engagement practitioners; whether working online or face-to-face.

Over the years we have seen something 4000 discussion topics (or questions) posed by our clients. It is fair to say that some have been beautifully composed and delivered wonderfully insightful discussion, where others have been mundane with consequent results.

While there is no absolutely “correct” way to ask a question, there are certainly ways NOT to ask a question. There are also ways to encourage deeper, broader and more specific thinking about complex topics.

We have created this infographic to provide food for thought for anyone (but particularly our clients and partners) thinking about using online forums to engage their community.

We’re also thinking about getting it printed up as a poster. If you’d like a copy email us at to help us make an assessment of the demand.