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Online Consultation Guide Book

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A good practice guide for EngagementHQ

After four and half years of experience working with some 150 clients on well over 500 online consultations the Bang the Table team has put our collective heads together to create an Online Consultation Guide Book.

Who is this guide for?

While targeted specifically at users of our online engagement platform, EngagementHQ, the book is overflowing with good practice lessons that should hold much broader practical appeal to anyone thinking about online community engagement.

It will be helpful for project managers, communications and community engagement teams, as well as the day-to- day site managers. Many of the strategies, tactics, techniques and tips may be equally useful if you are thinking about using other online engagement platforms in conjunction with EngagementHQ.

How do I get my hands on a copy?

You can purchase a hard copy from our online store at Lulu.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Or, you can download a print ready version (or view a HTML version) by filling in as many or as few fields as you like in this short form.

Or, you can click here to browse the book online.

The Online Consultation Guide Book is 100% free and we’ve published it using a Creative Commons licence, so feel free to distribute to your friends and neighbours – but please do tell them where it came from.

Online Consultation Guide Book