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Budget Allocator

  • Educational
    Text and image descriptions of your projects or program outcomes provide stakeholders with a sound basis for decision making.
  • Flexible
    Accepts discreet projects or program budget variations for as many business units as you need to match your budgeting framework.
  • Rigorous
    Makes the impacts of over budgeting clear by showing the impact on rates or charges.
  • Qualititive
    Comments can be captured about individual projects and programs as well as about the totality of the budget.
  • Quantitive
    Stakeholder choices are aggregated on site with onscreen and downloadable reports.
  • Fun
    The clean design and interactive functionality makes the budgeting process fun and engaging for the general public.
  • Branded
    You logo is complemented by the clean design. Choose a URL that blends seamlessly with your corporate website.
  • Friendly
    We make it easy by managing the entire setup for process for you. You send us a spreadsheet. We create the budget allocator!
  • Secure
    Hosted on our secure servers with 24/7 technical support.